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Sanner has been producing prefillable plastic (PP) syringes and user-friendly syringe accessories for many years. The focus of customer-specific production is on the highest quality standards in large-scale production.

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Prefillable plastic syringes

We manufacture plastic syringes in accordance with GMP, also in a class 8 clean room, and are DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 15378 certified. 100% traceability through integrated ME systems are standard. The professional and experienced production of the plastic syringes in the injection molding process ensures precise dimensions.

Our engineering team and our product design implements your existing plastic syringe concept or develops a new one that is tailored to the current requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and the filling systems.

We ensure perfect concentricity (an important aspect when filling the plastic syringe) and an even surface structure for an optimal print image.

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Ergonomic and modern top-of-the-line accessories

More safe handling thanks to better grip with your syringe system thanks to two-component injection molding.

Functionality and design are equally important when it comes to top-of-the-line accessories for prefillable syringes.

Our pre-fillable plastic syringes combined with the plunger rods, plunger stoppers, needle guards and finger rest extensions form a complete system. In particular, the enlarged finger rest leads to more safety and user-friendliness in use.

Due to the fact that the syringe cylinder can be rotated in the extension, the cannula can be optimally aligned and the syringe does not have to be used several times.

Thanks to our usability engineering, we also manufacture piston rods and finger rest enlargements using two-component injection molding in the smallest shot weights for better grip and even more safety during the injection, especially in aesthetic treatments or cosmetic surgery.

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Standardized processes for optimal implementation of your prefillable plastic syringe or syringe accessories

A design for manufacturing gives you security and requires faster and safer implementation in series production. Sanner is a competent development partner for your syringe system or converts your design into an efficient production concept.

The Sanner IDP-Process® combines many years of expertise in the field of primary packaging with experience in the design and implementation of pharmaceutical uses and applications in a holistic process - for your technically high-quality primary packaging from the specialist.

Idea – Design – Product


The Sanner IDP-Process® for customized solutions and made-to-order production.

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