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As a CDMO for pharmaceutical and medical technology products, Sanner offers you various options for the implementation of your plastic packaging or your medical device

Sanner Envelope


  • Sanner IDP Process® - from the idea through development & prototypes to series production
  • Decades of technical know-how in precision injection molding, even in high volumes
  • Automated in-process control (IPC), multi-part assembly and production, also in the clean room

The Sanner IDP-Process® for the development of your packaging or your device

The Sanner IDP Process® is a standard-compliant stage-gate process with the decisive advantage that we can adapt this modularly to the development of your pharmaceutical or medical product. Regardless of the stage of development your product is in, we ensure optimal efficiency and speed of implementation.
Benefit from our experience:

  • Fulfillment of all required regulations, both for Europe, USA and Asia
  • Design for manufacturing right from the first development stage, thus minimizing costs and time to the SOP (start of production), while maximizing quality and reproducibility, even with difficult materials and tolerances
  • Process-controlled development with compliant risk management
  • Qualified and validated processes

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Sanner Project Insights

Decades of technical know-how in precision injection molding for your device

We have mastered the manufacture of components and medical devices in precision injection molding and multi-component injection molding for decades. Sanner was one of the first companies in Europe to introduce injection molding technology. We offer in-house tool technology and industrial engineering for an improved production flow and rapid implementation of your product in series production. Sanner is known for consistently high quality, even with large quantities, as well as excellent delivery reliability worldwide. Our products and packaging are characterized by a high degree of tightness and a precise fit.

The integration of desiccants for long-term, effective protection against moisture for your device is another of Sanner's core competencies. Only with us you get this all-round service from a single source.

Sanner – Expert for the integration of desiccants


Automated production in the gray or clean room for your pharmaceutical or medical product

Sanner offers you the most modern production units in Europe and Asia, so that an efficient technology transfer between the continents is possible and back-up solutions are available. You can also have your product produced directly in China or in Germany for the local markets, which saves you significant logistics costs.

Our production is fully automated right down to box-built logistics solutions.

We manufacture with 100% traceability, GMP (FDA) and MDR-compliant and are ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 15378 certified.

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In-process control and automated multi-part assembly of your medical device

Sealing with a 100% leak test, precise printing, camera tests and fully automatic sensor tests are of course a fixed part of our production processes.

We fill granules with an accuracy of up to 0.01g and also assemble difficult components, such as e.g. filters or fillers, fully automatically.

Medical  & Diagnostic

Intelligent solutions and individual hard plastic components and consumables for medical and diagnostic products like point-of-care testing, in-vitro diagnostic, pulmonal applications and more



Plastic primary packaging for solid pharmaceuticals and single-dose primary packaging for liquid medicines. We offer a broad portfolio of desiccant packaging and drop-in solutions.


Consumer Healthcare

With our packaging solutions for HealthCare products, we protect the essential vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals and contribute to the well-being of consumers.