Innovative transfer devices for easy handling in daily use.

We develop transfer according to your specifications for easy and safe handling and to ensure optimal mixing of two liquids in the closed system.

Sanner Envelope

Sanner develops transfer devices according to market requirements and produces in clean room class 8

The Sanner Transfer Devices are characterized by:

  • Complex injection molded parts in the low tolerance range and ideal material selection
  • Secure assembly of multi-part systems with ideal thread design
  • Flexibel design to meet the needs of different active ingredients
  • Highest quality standards in production
  • Safe locking of the ampoules, thus maintaining the vacuum and good and effortless penetration of the rubber stopper
  • Maximum particle protection and optimal & safe liquid distribution
  • Possibility of needle-free winding
  • Possibility to provide the transfer device with a sterile outer packaging with reduced hand contact
  • Excellent handling for intuitive use and high stability of the transfer device

The transfer devices developed by us are characterized by:

Safety - stability - haptics - handling - quality

Find out now about the advantages of Sanner as your CDMO

We already manufacture transfer devices in two-component injection molding with a clear difference in appearance and handling.

Talk to our technical engineering and our product designers about various options for your transfer device and benefit from our experience with innovative solutions in this area.


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Standardized processes for optimal implementation of your transfer device

A design for manufacturing gives you security and requires faster and safer implementation in series production. Sanner is a competent development partner for your transfer device or converts your design into an efficient production concept.

The Sanner IDP-Process® combines many years of expertise in the field of medical technology with experience in the design and implementation of complex and high-quality applications in a holistic process - for your technically high-quality medical product from the specialist.

Idea – Design – Product


The Sanner IDP-Process® for customized solutions and made-to-order production.

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